Masala is a mixture of indian spices.

A mix of different creations.
Crua is the portuguese word for raw.

Natural creations inspired by mother earth, a reconnection with our roots.
A place to explore and share.

My name is Inês, I am a Portuguese woman born and raised in Porto. Most of my life I’ve lived in the city but some years ago I started to travel and soon found out that my place was around nature.

Last year I finally settled in the beautiful Alentejo, south of Portugal, where I started to reconnect with my roots, with all the beautiful nature and all the beings that surround us.

I have been researching and experimenting natural care products since 2016 and I love to be able to share this knowledge and open up a space for a more conscious care of our body, taking responsibility for our input in nature.

This year a good friend Dean joined the project and together we are making it grow in a beautiful way.

Every creation is carefully prepared with natural products, many of the herbs that we use are collected from our gardens or from our friends and all of the infused oils are slowly made by us. We prefer slow cold processes that allow to keep the main properties of the herbs.

Recently I also started to explore bio jewellery. Hand carving avocado seeds is a recent passion inspired by my father, who made stunning wood sculptures. When I’m carving I enter in this meditation state and I’m flying away… it’s the moment where I’m more free to create without expectations. Soon I will be able to share here this pieces.

I hope you connect with our creations and feel all the love we have made them with

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