Pendant necklaces made with avocado seeds.

Every design is unique and is inspired by the gemstone and the avocado seed itself, its natural patterns and shapes.

The seeds are all hand carved, using the minimum amount possible of the electric drill. The gemstones are inserted into the avocado seed while it’s still fresh and as it dries it encloses the stone, holding it without the need for any glue.

Sometimes, when the seed dries, it creates some cracks that I like to incorporate into the design, respecting the beauty of a natural process.

In the end a water based varnish is used to protect the seed from molding in case it gets in touch with some water or humidity, but still its not advisable to wear it under water, or while showering.



Collection of earrings and necklaces made with gemstones and crystals, wrapped with metal wire.

Every piece is unique and crafted by hand.

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