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soap | peppermint charcoal


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Suitable to use all over the body, face and hands and for any skin type.
Based on olive and coconut oil. Without palm oil.

Natural minty scent from peppermint and litsea essential oils
Natural grey colour from activated charcoal

Made with activated charcoal and peppermint this soap is perfect for leaving a refreshing feeling to the skin. Is specially suitable for oily face or with acne, cleaning the excess toxins and balancing the natural oils, but can also be used with any skin type.

The main ingredient is the extra virgin olive oil, extracted from local olive trees that grow all around this area and give the Alentejo its characteristic landscape. To add to the moisturizing characteristics of the olive oil, the organic cold pressed coconut oil provides the cleansing and firming properties and creates a bubbly lather

Peppermint is a medicinal plant it is widely known for its digestive benefits. In aromatherapy is used to promote easy breathing, focus and positivity. Peppermint also gives the soap stimulant and anti-bacterial properties. According to the Greek mythology, Hades’s wife Persephone turned the river’s nymph Minthe into an herbaceous plant after discovering that Hades was in love with her. Since Hades couldn’t reverse the spell, he added a beautiful smell to the newly created plant, making it spread a magnificent odor when people walk across her.

Activated charcoal effectively cleanses the skin, unclogs pores, removes deeper impurities, and dead skin cells. The result is smooth, supple, and even-toned skin.


1.Wet the soap bar.
2.Rub the soap in the hands or directly on the body.
3.Always leave the soap on top of a sponge or a soap holder with holes for the water to go through, making sure that it dries well between uses. This is the most important step for the soap to last a longer time. If it doesn’t dry properly, it becomes soft and every time it comes off a lot more quantity than needed.


Extra virgin olive oil (sodium olivate), bio cold pressed coconut oil (sodium cocoate), water, activated charcoal, elderberry dried flowers, essential oils of litsea and peppermint.

Vegan and cruelty free.
100% biodegradable.
No synthetic fragrance or colour.
No toxic chemicals.


Each soap weights around 110g.

This is a handmade artisanal soap where the decorations and final cutting might slightly affect the soap weight and aspect, making each one unique and special!

Additional information


refreshing, removes toxins

active ingredients

activated charcoal, bio cold pressed coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, litsea essential oil, peppermint essential oil


herbal, minty

2 reviews for soap | peppermint charcoal

  1. mariana carvalho

    gostei muito do sabĂŁo

  2. Elad

    This soap is really something special! refreshing, foamy and fun! Thank you :))

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