natural deodorant



Free of sodium bicarbonate – sensitive low ph deodorant.
Free of coconut oil – doesn’t stain the clothes.

Needing just one drop in each armpit it’s normally enough for 2 to 3 months.

The base of this formula is the potassium alum, a mineral salt used since centuries as a natural deodorant, which has been shown to have antimicrobial properties. It doesn’t block the sweat glands, allowing you to sweat naturally, but it is very efficient in combating bacterias so you don’t get that ‘sweaty’ odour. It is important to not confuse this ingredient with simple aluminium which has smaller particles that get released and absorbed by our skin, being very toxic. Potassium alum, on the contrary is completely safe for our skin being certified for natural cosmetic.

Combined with citric acid gives this formula a low pH, more close to the skin pH making it perfect for normal or sensitive skin. White clay absorbs the armpit humidity and the vegetable gycerin moisturises the skin. The tea tree essential oil has an antibacterial effect  and lavender essential oil soothes the skin.


1.Put one drop on the finger without touching the bottle.
2.Apply the drop under the armpit and spread it.
3.Store away from direct sun and preferable more fresh and dark.

It is quite common that in the first few days the deodorant does’t work so well because the bacteria in our sweat need some time to adapt to the new product. Continue to use for a few days straight.

Its very important to not touch the opening of the bottle to avoid introducing bacterias in the liquid inside the bottle which could cause the deodorant to go bad quickly, since the product only has a very mild preservative.

The transition to a natural deodorant can be a very different experience for everyone. Most people don’t notice any difference, but some can have an initial period of increased sweat or even an itchy feeling or a small rash. This reaction can happen because since the natural deodorant doesn’t block the sweat, the armpit tends to be more moist and the friction of the skin produces an irritation called chafing. This is a normal process and if it occurs it’s only in the first days. If this feeling remains after a few days then you might have a allergic reaction and you should stop using it. You can also feel a stronger odor in the beginning since the bacterias that inhabit the armpit (and are ultimately responsible for the odor) are also adapting. Your body needs some time to find a balance. Allow it.


Water, vegetable glycerin, white clay (kaolin), potassium alum, citric acid, xanthan gum, sharomix, essential oils of lavender and tea tree.

Vegan and cruelty free.
100% biodegradable.
No synthetic fragrance or colour.
No toxic chemicals.

Additional information

active ingredients

kaolin clay, lavender essential oil, potassium alum, tea tree essential oil

best for

all skin types


anti-bacterian, soothing


floral, herbal



5 reviews for natural deodorant

  1. rita peres

    Muito contente funciona muito bem!

  2. Margarida

    Olá boa tarde comprei um desodorizante vosso, mas contém alumínio que é altamente cancerígeno. Logo não se pode chamar natural a este desodorizante.Seria interessante mudarem a formula.

    • masalaCRUA

      Ol√° boa tarde, antes de mais muito obrigada pelo coment√°rio dando-me assim oportunidade de esclarecer este mal entendido.

      O nosso desodorizante nao tem alum√≠nio em si mas sim p√≥ de al√ļmen, nome cientifico Potassium Alum, composto por sais de pot√°ssio e por sulfato de alum√≠nio que nao √© absorvido pela pele porque as particulas sao de uma dimensao elevada e nao solta aluminio. Ou seja nao tem nada a ver com os desodorizantes convencionais que utilizam aluminio que sim √© absorvido pela pele e que bloqueia o nosso suor natural, sendo altamente t√≥xico.

      O p√≥ de alumen √© completamente aceite na cosm√©tica natural exactamente porque nao coloca nenhum risco para a nossa sa√ļde. Talvez j√° tenha visto a pedra de alumen √° venda em lojas organicas como o Celeiro, √© exactamente o mesmo ingrediente simplesmente em forma de p√≥.

      Al√©m disso como qualquer ingrediente a concentracao influencia bastante o nivel de risco para a sa√ļde, por isso se tal fosse um porblema tamb√©m podemos garantir que o nosso desodorizante apenas tem 2,5% de potassio alum.

      Pode ler um pouco mais sobre este ingrediente na base de dados independente EWG que avalia o risco para a sa√ļde de ingredientes cosm√©ticos

      Espero que fique mais esclarecida e de uma nova chance ao nosso desodorizante desenvolvido com muito carinho! Obrigada

  3. jordan schmidt

    If you worried about your smell on those hot summer days look no further than this natural deodorant !highly recommend

  4. Francis

    I tried this deodorant and in the beginning my body had to adapt to a more ‚Äėnatural‚Äô product but after this my experience has been great. I recommend it .

  5. Rita Linhas (verified owner)

    Resulta na perfeição e é suave para a pele.

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